Here are some pictures from this past weekend. Still getting used to my camera and my set of lenses, so lots of test pictures of random things. We went to Crystal Cove and wandered around a but on Saturday. Sunday, Angel gave us his tickets to the Angel game that he got from work. Very nice seats. We got there in the 4th just in time for a nice two run homer by Torii Hunter. The rest of the game was decent, not much action, but it worked well enough to explain some of the mechanics of the game to Yuki.

I took a ton of action shots, but only kept the ones I thought were decent. Still adjusting to the camera and the lenses. But yeah, I love these lenses. Well left at the top of the ninth with 2 outs before the Angels closed out the Braves. A loud cheer from the crowd was heard as we got on the escalators on our exit of the stadium. Fun day. Pictures:

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