Applying Damages


This tutorial discusses a couple of different techniques used to apply damage to gunpla kits. My standard method relies on the hobby knife. With the hobby knife, I can do bullet holes, dents, armor chips, etc. And since the hobby knife is a fairly precise tool, keeping the damage under control is easy. This also keeps the damage from going overboard. The following video shows the application of the hobby knife to a Zaku’s Shield:

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From the above video, you can see that creating fairly realistic bullet holes is pretty simple. The following pictures show the result of the damages done by the hobby knife and a picture of what a little dry brushing and pastel weathering does to complete the effect.

The following video shows the creation of dents and chips to the shoulder armor of a Zaku:

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Below are the resulting pictures.

The next damage technique uses a dremel. I do not recommend using this method as it can potentially take away too much plastic. But used sparingly, some interesting effects can be had. I used a round sanding bit for the dremel attachment and using the lowest speed setting, we have the following video:

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After the damage has been applied, the surface is a little on the rough side, so using the texturizing technique, I cleaned up the area a little:

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Below are pictures of the resulting techniques and after the other weathering techniques have been applied.


May 16, 2008: Added another video showing the process for applying damages to the surface of a part using a hobby knife and a very coarse sanding stick.

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Below is a picture of the part showing the gouges and scraps from the above process.

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