Sep 042013

This past weekend, a few of Those Gundam Guys got together for a meeting regarding SCGMC. Interestingly enough, this was the first official meeting we’ve ever had. We’ve gotten two years experience under our belts; so this meeting was to reflect on what we learned form the previous years and how we can improve the event starting with the one coming in November. Most of the issues dealt with better organization which we definitely need. And if we are able to follow through with 90% of what we have planned from the meeting, we’ll definitely be vastly improved from the previous year.

But the one other issue that came up is a problem that I’ve seen at most model contest. Well, not so much a problem, but a pattern. At various shows in various categories, there’s usually a modeler that consecutively wins year to year. Now, this isn’t too big a deal at various shows as they’re larger and the categorical scope is much wider in terms of included model genres.

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