1/72 VF-0S Battloid



Update Information:

June 8, 2006: Ok, I couldn't resist the temptation to put the guy together and take some pictures. Right now I'm debating if I should add some chalk weathering... Been having this debate quite a bit of late on my recent kits. Finish is pretty much on par with my recent kits. I'm still not completely used to the whole decals thing; some of the strips I could have just as easily masked and painted those in; since the decals are fairly delicate. I'm quite satisfied with the results of the kit, much better than when I finished the SV-51. Click here for the progress page.

June 8, 2006: Later on in the day.... After another fellow modeler pointed out that I'm an idiot and I managed to assemble the knees of this guy UPSIDE DOWN.... I have since un-fucked myself and assembled this kit according to the instructions. Below are the retaken pictures. I removed the original pictures for obvious reasons. Enjoy.




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