Valley Con 2008

January 27, 2008: Valley con come and gone, some of the guys from the build gathering showed up. I met some new folks and another gunpla builder. He had some excellent builds with his Zeigram and scratch built figures. Hopefully we can get him to come out to the build gatherings.


This year I got a bronze for my Char's Custom Zaku II in the SciFi hardware category. This year they are continuing with their special awards the Founder's Circle and and others. I got a founder's circle award for the Habenaro Tan. Brandon picked up a Gold for his Y-Wing in the SciFi hardware category, a Silver in the SciFi creatures for his long long girl, and a Bronze in the competition vehicles category. Bobby won a Bronze for his Mikuru in the SciFi creatures category. Sean won a bunch of awards, too many too remember. Good times had by all.



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