Tekkoshocon 2007

April 15, 2007: Tekkoshocon convention pictures: Model Contest Entries, the Trophies, the Winners, and the people..

The Model Contest Enteries

The Trophies:

The Winners:

Yes, I know you're now asking yourself what the hell is the "Paris Hilton" Paper Doll book is doing in the "winners" grouping. Well, Mecha Menchi (Alex) has failed to finish a model kit for the competition, so as a form of punishment and to bring him back into the good graces of the fellow modelers, he has been tasked to complete this "Paris Hilton Doll Book" and present it at this year's Otakon Model Competition. If he fails to do so, his con badge will be yanked. At least we will get something from Alex this year.

Display Only stuff:

The People:



Update Information:

The modeling competition was very impressive for a convention competition. This is something that I hope will soon be seen at other big conventions such as AX and Otakon. I have a lot of fun meeting people and enjoyed my time this weekend.




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