Sol Tekkaman Commission

May 5, 2009: This is the third kit from the Tekkaman commission project. This is a Sol Tekkaman kit from Bandai. The kit came out in 1992, always fun to work on a 17 year old kit. So to save time, I just started gluing the two part pieces to get ready for the seam sanding process. I did a quick little snap of the main joining parts.

As seen, there are seams everywhere. These kits are great for learning how to fix seams.

There is a giant void in the shouder piece. There are a few other places that have issues similar to this. I will be filling this area with some epoxy putty and possibly fixing some of the other areas with styrene sheets.

October 13, 2009: Quite a bit of time has passed between the last update. I've been working on the kit since mid September to finally getting the sucker done and hopefully in time for OrangeCon this Saturday.

After sanding, the parts are soaked, rinsed, and run through the ultrasonic cleaner then laid out to dry.

A quick fix to a seam using left over styrene pieces. Gluing the styrene to the seam area and then allowing the part to fully dry and cure. Then the area is sanded and the styrene weld makes for a nice seam fill. This is sanded smooth and primed.

The foot piece after priming.

Finally getting to the painting phase of the project.

White pieces primed.

Blue pieces are painted in a dark blue followed by cobalt blue as a shading tone.

More masking.

October 14, 2009: More masking and more painting.

Parts painted yesterday can now be applied to sub assemblies.

A few sub assemblies. I still have detail work and panel lines but work is progressing very nicely.




Update Information:

May 5, 2009: Started on the Sol Tekkaman commission.

>October 18, 2009: Done




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