HGUC Snow Dom

This was my second diorama. As you can probably tell, one of my favorite suits is the Dom. I had purchased several of these Dom Trops originally for a rather huge HGUC diorama, I was going to recreate the battle between Amuro and the Three Black Stars, since I also had the Operation V box set. I've still to finish building the last Trop, Guntank, and GunCannon so the idea's pretty much scrapped. This kit was also the second kit that I used the airbrush on. The scenics use are the same used in the Silent Storm Diorama. I did not do any weathering on this kit, to which I really should have. There's an LED in place of the sticker mono-eye. To make the LED fit, I had to sand it down with a dremel being careful not to expose the wiring inside the LED. The LED in there right now is the second LED and it's burnt out. I think its because I sanded down the LED that caused the drop in life for that LED. If and when I do replace the LED, I'll probably add some weathering to the kit.



Update Information:

This kit was given away to a friend and is no longer in my possession.




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