Silent Storm Diorama

This diorama consists of two master grade kits; a MS 09 Dom, and a MS 06F2 Zaku II Type 2. The paint schemes were white and gray to simulate a winter division of the Zion military. The rocket launcher the Dom is holding is a WWII Fleigerfaust. I felt that the Dom's big leg armor is a great target, so I added a more extreme form of battle damage. I first cut out the armor along the lines of the inner armor's skeleton. This was done with a dremel for the major parts, and the finer sections were done with a hobby knife. I then sanded down the skeleton structure to as thin as possible. Using a blow dryer, I was able to flare out some of the skeleton parts. The F2 only had minor damage done to it. The premise of this diorama is simple: the Dom is piloted by a lower ranking person in comparison to the F2, so the Dom is running point. It is signaling to the F2 that there are two targets up ahead, and is preparing to fire it's weapon.

Some hidden items in the diorama are a detached Zaku head, and the right arm of a Zaku with shoulder shield. To create the base, I first purchased the round wood board, stained it, then applied a couple of coats of polyurethane. The base on top of the wood is made from Styrofoam. The Styrofoam was cut and layered then glued together. Plaster cloth was then laid over the Styrofoam. Black spray paint was applied to the dried base. A base layer of green and soil hobby scenics was then applied The trees were added and a base coat of the snow scenics was then added. When this was all dried, the mobile suits were added and then using 3M spra-mount lightly over the entire diorama, a light dusting of snow scenics was added to complete the diorama. This issue with the stiffness of the Dom has been solved with bending the right knee to add some dynamics to it so that the Dom no longer interrupts the overall flow of the diorama; albeit this is not reflected in the pictures.



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