1/100 MG Musha Mk II Completed

July 22, 2010: A week right before Anime Expo, the local distributor that I've built kits for handed this kit over to me and wanting it completed. There wasn't a snowballs chance in hell that it would be done by AX, but potentially, it could be done by Comic Con. Today was day one of Comic Con, so technically, I missed the deadline. Well, I didn't actually work on the kit much. I did as much as painting the thrusters, spraying the clear gloss, applying some nifty stickers over a good percentage of the kit, and then flat coating the thing. All the clipping, sanding, and building for this project was done by Angel. The panel lines were also done by Angel.

Since we were on a fairly tight schedule, and we actually didn't have much time to work on the kit, no paint was used - well the exception was the thrusters and panel lining. The kit was only clear coated in a gloss, the stickers applied, then flat coated. Even the seams that are fairly prevalent on the kit were left alone and undealt with. The pictures make this kit look SO much better than it does in reality, so I guess this will be good enough as a display piece. At least until the bloody stickers start to peel, and peel they will....




Update Information:

July 22, 2010: Completed Musha MkII




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