MiniCon 2007

June 16, 2007. Today I went to IPMS Ontario's annual model contest. Got to meet a fellow HobbyFan member: EvaLime and compete against his every well done figure kits. If it were not for him, I do not believe that the scifi category would have been split as it was, living vs non living. Blah, better than having an all encompassing "Sci-Fi/Misc" category. It is very interesting the category spread, and focus on particular categories from one contest to another. This contest seems to favor aircraft and armor, just looking at the categories breakdown: IPMS Ontario MiniCon Flyer. Which gave me a rather big WTF moment during the awards announcement.

After going to these contests for the past couple of years and starting to reconize the various people that attend these events and the little groups and click gatherings focused on one club over another. I'm wondering if there exists any anmonisity amongst the groups when it comes down to the judging. That if one person belonged to one model club, how does that weigh in when it comes time to judge and made decisions. I understand that people are different and that different clubs run contests differently; however even within clubs under the moniker of "IPMS" there are some rather interesting directions for the end result of the contests. I;m still left pondering how some of the decisions were reached. Oh well, next week will be IPMS SD, bringing the same kits, possibly adding another or two (shrug) first time going to SD's show; so we'll see. For now, enjoy the pictures.


Update Information:

June 16, 2007: IPMS Ontario Competition.

Awards won:

First: SciFi/misc Non Living - Desert Custom Kampfer

First: SciFi/misc living - Haruhi w/ Guitar

Best Of Show: Haruhi w/ Guitar (don't ask, I haven't the foggiest idea why)




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