Model Build Gathering 10/25/2008

September 27, 2008: Build gathering pictures. This month, with suggestions from gtetra, I set up a photo booth and folks can bring their progress kits and we can now have a more thorough documentation on kits that are worked on and built at the gatherings. At least now we can start showing folks that it's not just a bunch of people sitting around the tables, chatting, drinking, playing rockband, etc. We're actually getting some model building completed.

Sean F's Carrier progress:

Otakufuel Sean's continuing Quebeley progress:

James's Hamma Hamma and Doven Wolf progress:

Brandon got some priming in on his Cammy.

Scott's kitbashes:

Angel's Progress

Chris's work of the day.

Random goofing off. The reactions from the gas passed from eating El Farolito. And the standard Rock Band sing-a-long.


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And I actually got some work done too, aside from sending off the Tekkaman Evil kit off to the customer, I finished masking off the last bit of Kanu's robe. All that needs to be done now is to paint this and finish the decals. And then I can cross her off the list.




Update Information:

October 25, 2008: Pictures from model build gathering #17.




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