Model Build Gathering 5/25/2008

May 25, 2008: Build gathering pictures. We had about 19 or so people at the gathering this past Sunday. We had a couple of more new people show up, so we're still growing. I fear the day that we have everyone actually showing up. The grill was fired up, beers consumed, and later on in the night, rockband was started and wasn't turned off until around 3:30 AM. The night officially ended around 4:00. Good times had by all.

Since AX is coming up and we really need to get off our butts to finish off the Gundam Bar, so we're tenatively planning on having two gatherings in June, the 14th and 28th. But for now, here are the pictures I took from Sunday. Yes I took Monday as a recovery day.




Update Information:

May 25, 2008: Pictures from model build gathering #11.




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