Model Build Gathering 4/19/2008

April 19, 2008: Build gathering pictures. More growath for the build gathering. We had a cummulative total of about 21 people for this gathering, including myself. More new faces showed up this time, and even with the additional table I picked up last week, we're getting tight on space. We actually ran out of chairs at one point, good thing that Scott wasn't building anything, so he could nomadically wander around when ever someone gets up. Grill was fired up, there was Chilli, Korean BBQ Short Ribs, Chicken wings and thighs, 30 or so brats and sausages, two tubs of potato salad, about a case of pete's wicked strawberry blond, a case of blue moon, a case of Guiness; and just about all of it was consumed. I was able to do a couple of demos, a panel lining demo, dry brushing demo, and some airbrushing demos.

Another thing I noticed that really made me happy, was that some of the newer folks were helping the completely new folks. Techniques that I pass down to folks from the previous meetings were being passed along to new folks, and not by me. Massive improvements in building ability were all around, this must be the joy and draw of teaching. I just look forward to next months meeting even more; which is set for the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend.


And as always, a little Rock Band fun after dinner is a must.

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April 19, 2008: Pictures from model build gathering #10.




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