1/100 MG Kampher

This kit is a redo. It was originally built with the original colors. It was built before I acquired my airbrush, so the paint on it was tamyia spray paint. I stripped the paint and using the kandy technique created what I thought would be a Char's version of the Kampher. This is one part of a diorama that I have yet to complete. The other component is the RX 78 NT-1 "Alex". I built that model a long time ago, and it is currently in pieces for I am redoing that kit as well. The paint scheme for the "Alex" will be Amuro's Gundam colors. Essentially I plan to recreate a scene from Gundam 0080 but alter the pilots and paint schemes. With this kit, I also modified the kampher's sabers and created a dual edged saber in similar to the lightsaber used by Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode I. The sabers are lost somewhere, and when I redid the pictures, I did not have them on hand. The modifications done to this kit are small, I drilled out holes in the forearm armor and added mesh underneath. There is a picture of it, but I am not sure if I captured those details well enough. Another addition is the LED in the head. Again, these mods came about before the introduction of HY2M kits.



Update Information:

This kit was given away to another friend and is no longer in my possession.




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