Habenaro Tan Commission

October 3, 2007: I began work on the Habenaro Tan kit as a commission job. Other than the small hole in the back of Habenaro Tan's skirt, there are no defects in this kit. I will have to putty the skirt together, which will probably be the only area where I need to putty. From my research, the kit is based off a character that is the unofficial mascot of a habanero flavored potato ring snack in Japan. The kit is made by Midass and seems like a fairly nice kit. I hope to have this finished fairly quickly.

October 13, 2007: Got a good amount of work done on the little Habenaros due to the build gathering at my house. I was able to glue together her skirt and put putty to fix the seams. I then went on to clean sand down all the mold lines and threw the parts into a purple cleaner soup. Tomorrow I will throw the parts into the ultrasonic cleaner and then primer her. The following pictures is the skirt puttied.

October 14, 2007: After soaking all the parts in the purple cleaning fluid, I took the parts out and ran them through the ultrasonic cleaner. Using only water and a few drop of white vinegar, the parts were quickly cleaned.

Once cleaned, I sprayed on a gray primer to check for sanding defects, pinholes, and putty mistakes. There are always mistakes and the primer shows all.

Primed Habanero Tan:

Primed Habanero Tan's little sister:

October 18, 2007: Finished sanding the defects, then reprimed, then resanded, then reprimed, then wet sanded everything smooth

Once everthing was wet sanded with a high grit sanding pad, the parts were ready for paint. Going with a different approach to the eyes, I'm painting the whites first, then going to mask and paint the rest of the skin tone. The hair, gold rings, and habanero stalks have been painted.

November 7, 2007: Ok, back problems returned and then I have the flu, and work is busy so it's been a while since I was able to do some work on the little habaneros. Still got the eye painting to take care. I found that the stalks were a little too icky green, so I went over them with a clear green to deepen the tone. The dress is painted and most of the flesh tones have been painted. Small detail work needs to be done, but they are getting closer.


January 28, 2008: Almost completed. After taking the figures to Valley Con, I noticed a few tonal differences in the hair and plus I'd like to fix the hair seam. So here's what they look like right now. I should have these done by the middle or end of the week.

January 31, 2008: Puttied and primed to look for missed spots. Then used some light curing putty to fill in some of the missed spots. Some more sanding and another primer should get the heads ready for paint, and they'll be done.

Feburary 2, 2008: Finished painted the head fixes and put on some future floor wash onto the eyes. Once this cures, I can snap some pictures and send it on out.


February 4, 2008: The paint is curing so I took some quick snaps of the figures and in another day or so I'll send these two along to their rightful owner. They should have been done back in October, but life and other things got in the way.



Update Information:

October 3, 2007: Commission work for Habanero Tan begins.

Feburay 4, 2008: Completed. This project should have been completed at the end of October, but work got in the way and then the holidays hit, there were a few issues with paint chipping and waiting for paints to arrive. All that is behind now as they're done.

Discussion for the kit can be found here




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