1/100 MG Gundam MKII Completed

This is an MG Gundam MKII. I saw a PG MKII from a Hong Kong Dengeki contest that was done in a green color scheme. This sparked an interest in creating an MK II in a similar paint scheme. I've been wanting to use a painting technique that I previously had been using for eyes in a larger scale. Basically, a black base coat first, then a layer of white preshading with the black, then on finally a clear color on top of the white. I have found that this method for painting eyes has given a very bright, almost lit up look when light hits the painted parts. Originally, I was going to use clear green over the white in an attempt to reproduce the PG MKII I saw, be opted to be some what original, and not completely rip off someone else's idea. Hence the yellow paint scheme.

While in the process of building the kit, the problem of having yellow vents troubled me, because the entire kit will be yellow. Originally, I was going to use different shades of yellow, but realized that I really needed something to contrast with the yellow, break it up so to speak. Logical color choice is purple, because it's yellow's complementary color. The vent frames, neck/collar area, chin, and center for the V-fin are painted in purple, to which I feel is enough of an accent for the kit.

The building of this kit was fairly straight forward, although there were several areas that needed to be built and painted first such some of the joints and the internal head pieces. A bit of masking was needed here and there, but no big problems.

I decided on using Titan's decals since normally, yellow suits in the Gundam world are usually trainers. So I figured I'd create a Titan's trainer MKII. A few coats of Future Floor Polish, decals, then a final coat of mixed future with tamyia flat base finished up the project. Well, here are some pictures. Click the thumbnail to enlarge. The pictures are a bit larger than my other completed pictures, and so I've gotten rid of having seperate pages for each picture, bigger pictures should open up in a new window. We''ll see how this works, I'm still in the process of designing this webpage.



Update Information:

This kit was sold at Otakon 2006 and is no longer in my possession.




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