Tactical Pod Glaug

This is a re-release of the old Macross Tactical Pod Glaug. The original mold was created by I believe Arii then eventually the molds were sold to Bandai, and at their disgression, Bandai releases these old kits every 5 or so years. When first looking for particular kit; the only ones I found were selling for $150 and more. Waiting a few years for the re-release, I spent less than $15 on it.

The age of the mold for this kit shows, there are tons of seams to be dealt with everywhere on the kit. I decided to go with the standard paint scheme, cause I just wanted to build it. I also used this as a test bed for a new paint I've been wanting to play around with: Alcad Prismatic paint. The red/green metallic paint for the feet and cockpit is the alcad. It changes from red to green depending on angle of light reflection. Its looks really nice. The only problem I had with this was that it was hell to spray out of my airbrush. This paint is made for airbrushing, but I only had a fine tip for my airbrush. If you want to use this paint, I hightly recomend using a wider tip. Everything else is standard fair with the kit. Posability is not too great, again, I attribute this to the age of the kit. This is a great kit for modifications, I just did not feel like spending the time to do mods, perhapse the next them they release this I'll make one better. I was light with the weathering since it is primarily used in space, plus I just didn't feel liking going overboard with the weathering. Well here are the pictures, enjoy.



Update Information:

Funny story about this kit. E2046 was using the pictures without my permission to peddle one of their resin kits. They took the pictures, placed their own watermark over my pictures and then posted them as if they were example pictures of the actual kit. The kit for sale was priced at oever $115.00, and the actual kit in these pictures cost me $15.00 The least they could have done was to ask for my permission, or at least give credit to where they stole the pictures from.




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