1/100 MG Zaku II F2

This kit is the second component in a future desert diorama.  This kit shares the same techniques and decals as the Desert Dom.  Again, an LED was placed in the head and wires run through the body and out of the feet.  Originally the diorama was planned to have three suits, this Zaku and two Dom's.  After completing the Silent Storm Diorama, it became very clear to me that such a huge diorama should not be attempted until I have room for it.  This is partially the reason I am holding off on finishing this desert diorama.  Standard techniques of airbrush, pastels, dry brushing were used on this kit as well.



Update Information:

Updated pictures taken after the kit updated from the above to it's current state. This guy was taken to OrangeCon 2004 and took first in the SciFi Gundam/Mecha/Robot category and took best of show in the SciFi category. The mods from the above picture includes the damaged visor, repositioning of the wiring for the LED through the bottom of the waist through a metal rod down to the base where a battery and switch assembly was created. The base is constructed of styrofoam for which plaster cloth was laid. This was then painted a desert tone and hobby scenics were added ontop.




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