1/100 MG Rick Dom

This kit used a Master Grade MS-09R Rick Dom.  In my opinion, Zion kits seem to fit so well with WWII themes.  This kit is built using the Iron Cross and Swastika emblems from WWII Germany.  Eventually, this kit will be part of a desert diorama.  The modifications done to this kit include adding an MG-42 machine gun from WWII era.  Again, weapons from this era fit very well with this kit.  An LED replaced the mono-eye in the head  Wiring is threaded through the body down through the wood board to a battery assembly built into the board.  I created this before the HY2M kits started to come out.  Another added effect is the Zimmerite coating on the legs and skirt.  Zimmerite was applied to tanks in WWII to deter magnetic weapons.  The zimmerite was created with tamyia putty and a small flat head screw driver.  Attached to the side of the backpack is the container that holds the spare inner barrel for the MG-42 (the barrels were well known for overheating and melting in constant fire, so MG-42 crews usually carried spare barrels on the field).  Additional vents were cut on top of the backpack near the engines of the backpack thrusters.  The positioning of the swastika was done in error, they're supposed to be placed in a diamond fashion, and I have yet to remedy this.



Update Information:

I need to move this with the Desert Zaku and complete another dio; the problem is that these MG kits are really too big.




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