Anime Expo 2005

July 1-4, 2005. This is the second time I've been to Anime Expo. A friend who was working staff this year got me a 4 day pass for free, and so all I need to get was a pass for the girlfriend. Below are pictures I took over the 4 day period (I only attended 3 of the 4 days)

Below are pictures of the "Modeling" contest held. I didn't really know what to expect, and what I saw surprised me. There were a total of 4 categories and one best of show award. The categories are as follows: Mechanized, Mechanized Custom, Character, and Character Custom. Side note: camera's were not allowed into this thing, but I took these on the setup day, and I ended up missing a picture of the MG Sentinel Gundam (which took the prize for Best Mechanized) Best Mechanized custom was the Votom's Diorama. I spent some time talking to the modeler who also did the Kodomas' Dio and Jin Roh dio (which I saw at the first Anime Expo I attended a couple of years back held at Long Beach Convention Center). The guy's from Walnut and teaches (I believe) and also heads the Anime Club at Mt. San Antonio Collage. Most of his stuff is scratch built.

Below are the character models. I'm not familiar with any of these, and I don't remember which ones won what, but some were fairly impressive. There's one picture that should be added to the mecha section, but I just don't know what the hell it is so I'm putting it here as well. It looks like something out of Evangelion. Also, some folks brought kits that have won at previous Anime Expos' which I found to be odd as well. I only know this because of the awards that were sitting right next to the figures.

Below are the kits I entered. Well, minue the SV-51, another part broke on it so I had to take it out (no CA glue on hand) so I took it home. Also below is a 1/275 scale Salamis Kai class ship from Zeta Gundam built entirely from Legos; that some guy from D.C brought. You folks going to Otakon will probably see this there, the guy told me he was going to be going. This thing won best of show. This raised another question for me, this was a modeling contest. Granted there's stuff involved in putting together a bunch of legos to form anything, it just seemed that the categories were just too damn broad and the definitions of "model" were very different from what I'm used to (blame the damn IPSM I guess)

The rest of the pictures are random cosplay and things I thought were kinda cool. Yeah, that's ManFaye... I thought he was um.. chubbier? There were also a faction of Star Wars cosplayers which seemed a bit out of place, but they were here for the "City of Hope" charity and such. All in all, I had a fun time. There were a few things that left a bad taste in my mouth; the 3+ hour wait for a pre-registered badge on the day before the event began and the modeling contest stuff. I'm sure I'll attend again next year, but probably going to not join the modeling contest. A general lack of interests, participants, and clarification. There were more gundam/sci-fi related "models" at the last couple of IPMS competitions I attended.



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Oh yeah, least I forget the little video of a bunch of cosplayers playing "Duck, Duck, Goose" and um losers get a paddling... the video explains this all too well: <<CLICK HERE>>




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