1/100 MG Z'Gok



Update Information:

This is a straight out of the box, no modification kit. I love this Mobile Suit. This suit was one of the first HGUC kits I purchased when that series came out. The most that I did to this kit was weather it. For a master grade kit, this was a relatively simple kit, and the entire process from beginning to end did not take long. The kandy style of painting was employed for the missiles in the head. A base layer of flat aluminum was painted first, then a mix of 2 parts clear yellow, 1 part clear red, and 2 parts smoke was painted over the silver. After that, I added another coat of smoke. The weathering was done in three steps. First, during the preparation for painting, I added bullet holes, armor scratches, and claw marks with a hobby blade. After the kit was complete, I dry brushed flat aluminum, then dry brushed a custom rust color mix of Mr. Color laquors, red madder and burnt iron. The final weathering technique applied was pastels, black pastel was applied to some of the scratch marks and bullet marks. A mix of red, brown, yellow, and black pastels to create a rust color was applied in various areas to complete the weathering.

Side Note: This kit was entered into the 2003 IPMS Orange County: OrangeCon and won 3rd place in the Robotic, Mech & Gundam Category.




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