Feb 262015

I’ve been asked the question off and on about how I mix skin tone so here’s a 28 minute long video on that process. I use a basic starter recipe from Cody’s Coop which uses white base, yellow orange, red, and a touch of light blue. From this basic formula, I mix these four colors until I am satisfied with the skin tone. I mix a fairly large batch of a base dark skin tone, and from there, make a mix that is airbrush ready as well as lighter shades of the skin tone.

Jan 122015

I finished this kit late last month, but just hadn’t gotten around to taking pictures. I also picked up a new camera so this is the first subject to have completed pictures taken with the new camera, a Lumix GX7. It uses the same lenses as my old Olympus EP2. It is a nice upgrade from that camera, so I will have fun learning to use it.

The kit was fairly simple, I did have to do some modifications to the legs to make the white fishnet stocking addition easier to do. Other than this, there was the usual multi tiered masking involved. I hope to get more figures completed this year, so hopefully not a end of the year project like this one.

Full gallery after the jump.

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Dec 222014

Work continued on Yukari with a sewing machine.

Returning shorly to the previous post, the leg parts were cut to remove the shoes as well as the upper thigh. Instead of painting on the leggings, I decided to sew some nylon mesh material together and effectively have real stockings on the kit. The mesh materials is measured against the painted legs and cut into strips. The mesh is then held together by some pins and sewn together using an elastic stitch. The excess material next to the open end of the stitch is cut away. This end of the stitch needs to be hidden, so the mesh tube is flipped inside out so the excess is on the inside. Once flipped, the mesh tube is slipped over the legs. Cutting away the upper thigh and the shoes makes it easier to put the stockings together, since the upper and lower areas do not need to be carefully cut and glued.

yukari_feet_mod yukari_leggings

Once the legging are in place, the shoes and upper thigh pieces are glued together and the lower torso and legs are done.

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Apr 162014

Letting the panel line dry for several hours, the excess is removed with a paper towel dampened with some lighter fluid or a q-tip dipped in some lighter fluid. And finished pictures: I experimented a little with the lighting to get that red Kampfer rising out of the night look.

Sep 262013

Several weeks ago, it occurred to me that I had yet to build a resin figure this year. I’ve been building fewer projects over the course of a year, but so far I’ve completed the resin conversion Efreet Custom and my little Nu project. Yes, the Efreet is mostly resin, but it is definitely not a figure kit; so picking through my pile, I narrowed down a few during the August build gathering. The Dutch and Revy kit pulled to me, and looking at the quick fit of things, I decided on the Revy which looks like it’s about a 1/4 scale bust kit.

So we begin, with Step 1: Basic building and pinning. I actually quite enjoy this step, the rough excess resin tabs are cut and the kit comes together in unpainted resin pureness. One of the build guys, Manuel, lent me his jeweler’s saw, which cuts through the resin like butter, and reduces the chance of resin chipping from using clippers. However, there is a real possibility of slipping and cutting into the resin parts other than just the excess resin, so care needs to be taken – especially since these saws can take off skin and bone just as easily.

Excess resin is removed here and there while the parts are test fitted, making sure parts are snug and aligned. Once this is done, some of the parts are carefully pinned trying to keep true to the alignment. Here I can see what pieces need reshaping or realignment.

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Nov 192012

This past Saturday hosted the second annual Southern California Gundam Model Competition – SCGMC 2012. This year, we grabbed the larger of the two rooms at the local Holiday Inn Express, which afforded much more room for attendees for the various aspects of the show. From my perspective, I thought we had a pretty good show. We can always use more growth, so I think this next year, the group and I will make a more concentrated effort to hit up more competitions and see about generating more interests within the general model building community. But I’m definitely happy with our turn out this year. For next year, we’ll definitely need to get a counter so we can at least track the attendance trend. As far as modelers, we had 37 individual entrants, up two from last year. The number of models was 87, down one from last year. I was actually expecting less this year because there was a good possibility that with last year, everyone brings their old kits, and there was a possibility that people didn’t build enough. Its good to know that folks are still busy building! We had 4 demos this year, I changed out the mod demo for an advanced airbrush demo that focused on shading and fine use of the airbrush – which complimented the first demo session of basic airbrush usage. Dan did a demo on decal design that interested a great deal of people, and I followed his decal demo with a quick diorama building discussion.

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Nov 072012

Morrigan has been completed for about three weeks now; in the middle of the family fun, I had quickly finished her up for OrangeCon. Not the greatest work, but I wanted to get at least one figure kit completed this year. But rewinding a bit to the week leading up to OrangeCon 2012, I still had small bits and pieces to paint. The main body was masked off for the final layers of paint.

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