1/144 0080 Diorama

Update Information:

This is a diorama built with 1/144 HGUC models; a Hygog and two GM Cold District use suits. The idea for this diorama is a mix of the original 1/144 0080 Hygog box art and a scene from the opening of the 0080 series; in which a Hygog grabs a GM and then uses it as a shield against another GM. The buildings in the diorama are built from hobby railroad N scale building kits.

To reproduce the box art rendition of the Hygog, the missile pod that came in two pieces needed to be modified to create the three opening pod pieces. Following this, the internals of these pod pieces needed to be cut out and sanded. The pod pieces are attached by glue. Since when the pod opens up, the pieces just break away and fall, but to reproduce this would be too difficult, so I opted for the pod in the process of opening before the pieces break away. The rocket exhaust is just cotton that's been carefully airbrushed with clear yellow, then clear orange, and finally clear red.

The GM's are fairly straight forward in building, nothing was modified. Just sanded, puttied, and then painted

The base is made from Sculpey clay. It was kneeded out onto the wood base, then baked. I then sanded down the plaster as much as possible. This was the first time I worked with sculpey. I also added a few cracks into the ground around the area where the Hygog stands. The entire base was then painted in neutral gray.

Next, I weathered the various MS's and the buildings with dry brushing and pastels. Following this, the MS;s were pinned to the base and the buildings glued. Some hobby scenics snow and gravel was then added to complete the diorama. Here are some pictures of the completed diorama.

I made some changes from the suggestions of fellow modelers, all of which pertain to the diorama base. The white line has been moved and painted to be thinner. Small little accents here and there were added. Hopefully this diorama looks better now.




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