Aug 012011

A few months ago, I found some decent flight prices to Baltimore, so I grab Angel, who has never been on an airplane before, and get airline tickets to go hang out with Brian, attend Otakon, and check out Washington DC. We took the 10:40 red eye out of LAX and landed in Baltimore at about 6:40. I slept for about 5 hours of the flight, waking up here and there. And with that, the start of our extremely packed three day weekend of fun begins; cosplayers, gunpla models, and national monuments with a little mix of some sugar glider fun while watching anime and drinking dessert beers.

If you want to skip ahead and just look at the pictures, click the following link for the full gallery Otherwise, read on…

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Aug 112008

Still trying to recover from the past couple of days of being out in Maryland. Damn fun trip! The model contest wasn’t as exciting as it has in previous years, and I guess I can be proud that AX’s model contest now surpasses Otakon’s, so I guess some good is coming from the active push to get the contest into the forefront and get more exposure for it. At Otakon, I was able to make come connections that will hopefully benefit the model contest in the coming years. I got to see some faces that I haven’t seen in two years, and saw a good number of faces that I had met at Tekkoshocon 2007. I also got better acquainted with yet another female model builder that has also attended my workshops at AX. Damn good time.

otakon2008%20129_jpg.jpg otakon2008%20091_jpg.jpg otakon2008%20067_jpg.jpg

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