Apr 232017

As Angel mentioned on our FB page, this is the 2nd spot in our “TGG Tour”. A few weeks ago, a group of us went up to NorCal to hit up Tatsu Hobby’s spring contest the Blue and Yellow Ball. This past weekend, along with new Washington State TGG Transplant Mike Wine; Angel and I went up and competed in this VERY large show. I believe this was the first year of an official “Gundam” sub category within the Sci-Fi umbrella. And within Gundam, this was further split into 3 categories – 1/100 and larger, 1/144 and smaller, and Out of Box which required instruction manuals. And due to the overwhelming number of gunpla entries, I believe they further split the categories into modded and non modded. It was very cool to meet some folks from r/Gunpla as well as folks from Washington State Gunpla, The Sleeves – Oregon Gunpla Community, and some folks from Vanpla that made the early border run from Vancouver. This was a very impressive showing not just in numbers; but the quality of the builds. There are some VERY talented modelers up here. Hopefully some of these guys will come down to SCGMC and show some of us what’s what. I had a great time meeting and chatting with people while whoring out our Kampfer/Shiki/Wing Build shirts. I didn’t get a chance to talk with everyone, but I did get to chat with a good number of folks. So hopefully I’ll be able to come up for a future show. I gotta work on my damn skills first so that I can actually be competitive! These are some great people!

I hope to have gotten pictures of every kit that was on display. I apologize if I missed one, but there was just so many kits. Enjoy the pictures after the jump!

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Apr 202017

It’s been awhile since I last updated on this project. We got new Kampfer shirts in, so the last update was used to promote that. Somewhere in the middle of this post there will be some shameless plugging for our new Kampfer shirts as well as our reprinted Shiki shirts. But enough of that; on with the update. Starting off, I felt that the red bit for the crotch needed a slight bit of detail so I took the scriber and cut some plastic on the sides. It’s relatively simple plastic removal but does a decent job of adding some detail.

Returning to the rear skirts; in the last update, I had just started putting together a scratch built knife and was creating a sheath for it. I trimmed down that plastic piece from the GM Spartan conversion kit and sanded it down to fit into the existing spot on the rear skirt. I also had to sand down some of the internal area for the rear skirt piece for the damn thing to fit. Once the piece fit; I drilled into the plastic and glued a magnet into place. I drilled a corresponding spot on the knife’s guard and added a magnet there. Now the knife is actually held by the power of the magnet instead of friction or just gluing it into place. I wanted the knife functional. A little priming shows areas to fix.

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Apr 122017

We just got these in from the printer. They didn’t have any mediums, but they will be printed and will be added to our inventory when we get those on hand. In the meantime, you can pick up sizes small, large, X-large, and 2X-large. Check out the store here! And order some other shirts to save on shipping!

On a side note; if you got an error message about the site missing, or down; I was moving my domain to a dedicated server to speed up the site’s response. Things should load quicker now.

Apr 062017

I was originally going to post this progress update on Monday; but since we had just gotten back from Tatsu Hobby’s contest; I wanted that post to stand on its own. So a few days later, I’ve continued to plug away at the kit as I got some new ideas flowing but still need to finish off the old ideas that I’ve already started. I also finalized the work on the new toe and will show the process of making resin copies. Since a majority of the build work is done; I also took some time and sprayed the initial layer of primer over the legs and other parts. At this point, it is about 90% primed. Here’s a quick teaser picture.

More after the jump.

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Apr 032017

This past weekend was Tatsu Hobby’s Blue and Yellow Ball. This is one of their 4 quarterly contest and the theme was anything in either blue or yellow – at least one of those two colors and their shades much cover 70% of the kit. The contest officially starts at 1PM with the last entries submitted by 3PM, and they judging commences.

Video of the entries:

More about the contest after the jump

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