Wood Fired Steaks

June 14, 2009: Wood fired steaks. Costco is a great source for excellent meats. Recently, they added a section of USDA Select ribeyes and New York Strip steaks. The marbeling for the NY Steaks looked better than the ribeyes, so I grabbed the NY Steaks. To start, the steaks are taken out of the fridge and allowed to come down to room temperature before grilling. Once the steaks are ready, a small amount of olive oil is rubbed onto the steaks, and salt and pepper is sprinkled.

While the steaks are coming to room temperature, the grill is prepared. I used wood charcoal that burn much hotter and give a much more rich flavor over regular charcoal briquettes.

For a medium rare steak, they are grilled for 6 minutes per side and allowed to rest covered in foil for 15 minutes before serving. In the 15 minutes or rest time, a sauce can ba made from a red wine reduction, using some of the juices that come out from the resting meat.




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June 14, 2009: Wood Fired Steaks.




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