SCUBA November 18, 2007

November 18, 2007: Been a while since I last SCUBA dived since getting sick and having some back problems resurface from similar to the problems I had earlier this year. Went back to Treasure Islanc and this time decided to look for some scallops. Right off the bat, we had a major problem, the Clementine's tank was only at 1000 lbs of air. We went down anyways, and at about 700 lbs, I haded my secondary to her and we just breathed from my tank. We then started to hunt down some scallops. We found a nice little spot where there was just a colony of them. Taking out my trusty knife, we grabbed about 10. We swam around for a little bit then surfaced. We were down for a total of about 33 minutes, which isn't too bad considering that we were both breathing off my one tank.

It was a fairly overcast day, and we entered the water around 9:55 AM.

These are what the scallops look like right off the reef. Full of all sorts of little bits of worms, tiny crabs, shrimp, and various other small reef life forms that cling on to the shell and surroundings of a scallop.

A little scrubbing and cleaning for the scallops brings out the recognizable animal. Then it is on to shucking the thing like one would shuck an oyster, a bunch of garlic, some sake, and a few seasonings; the scallops were off to the steamer for a few minutes. Yum!




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November 18. 2007: Treasure Island, Scallops!




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