SCUBA Dives 11-14

September 8, 14, and 23, 2007: Scuba dives 11-14. The 8th and 14th were night dives, the 8th was an early morning dive that began around 5:00 AM, not many pictures were taken since it was fairly dark, but we did get to see some interesting things. The 8th was our first night dive, granted it was early morning, but entering the water it was pitch black and it was only staring to get light when we exited the water. We were spooked by a seal that was interested in our little lights. Saw a few creatures, most of the fish were still sleeping.The 14th was a late evening dive, we were in the water at about 7PM. We got to swim with a seal looking for food, saw some shrimp, and snapped a quick shot of an octopus. It is fairly well blended in with the surroundings but looking carefully you can see it.(last picture in the following set)

Then rest of the pictures were taken today. Since I didn't take too many pictures on the night dives, I figured I'd wait until I had some other pictures before putting up another page. Started to get used to the camera, not sure if the flash is flooding out the colors or not. But I'm starting to use the macro function alot more. Some of the pictures were a little difficult to take due to the incredibly strong surge in the water, but I came away with a few decent pictures. I wanted to get some snaps of the giant star fish colony that we stumbled upon. There was also a giant bat ray that was casually swimming by, but I couldn't catch up to it to snap a picture; I think it just started to swim faster when it noticed I was swimming straight for it. Oh wel, next time. I did get to finally snap a picture of the lobster hiding deep within its little cave. Saw it on the previous night dives but was not able to snap pictures. I had to really get the camera into the hole to take the pictures. Other than the lobster, I snapped pictures of some sponges, scallops, fish, and anemones




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September 8, 14, and 23, 2007: Two night dives and two late morning dives. Pictures of Anemones, starfish, scallops, octopus, lobster, etc...




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