SCUBA Dives 6-7

August 11, 2007: Clementine and I planned a scuba dive locally at Laguna Beach, Diver's Cove/Shaw's Cove. During the week, our instructor Bob called and asked if we were interested in going for a fun dive. I asked where, and he said Laguna Beach; and since Clementine and I had already planned on diving, we said yes. It was a very good decision. Both Clementine and I picked up and complete reg system for the each of us. Next will be the BC, and possibly a tank in the future. But for now, a decent BC is needed as we had some issues with the rentals. All in all, a good day of diving. The first dive was done more for a dive master trainee. We ended up having a total bottom time of 23 minutes with a max depth of 27ft. The second dive went to Shaw's cove, where it was just Bob, Clementine, Richard, and I. Richard took the class with us and will be diving with Clementine and I regularly. At shaw's, we did alot of reef exploring, and I was able to test out my new camera case for the dinky S500 Canon of mine. Granted, it would have been great to completely slow down and just sit around taking pictures, but I was following the group and didn't want to lag them back too much. Snapped a decent number of pictures of Garabaldi, sea urchin, a limpet, what I believe to be a sea cucumeber, and an octupus (however, I do not think I took too clear a picture). This was the first time using this camera underwater. I had the iso setting low, so I think for the next trip, I'll set it to 100, and fiddle a little with the exposure setting and possibly take some pictures on the macro settings. For now, here are pictures from today's little adventure.




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August 11, 2007: Scuba dive 6-7. First time using the new Canon waterproof case I picked up.




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