SCUBA October 3, 2009

October 3, 2009: Got on board the boat at 7PM on the 2nd; and the boat got underway around 8 towards Catalina Island for the lobster season opening. We arrived around 10:30PM. We got into the water around 11:45PM, and I finished my first dive after a little over an hour with my first lobster for the night. An hour later, we got back into the same spot and I got nothing, but someone's dropped light system. We moved to a third spot and there were tons of lobsters, but most of them were undersized. I came up with two, but one was undersized so I went home with only 2. Not too bad for my first boat at night trip for lobsters.




Update Information:

October 3, 2009: Catalina Island Night Dive boat trip for lobster season opener.




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