SCUBA September 12, 2009

September 12, 2009: I did a quick dive over at Treasure Island to hunt for scallops. I attempted to wake up around 6 to head down, but didn't wake up until almost 9; but I got my ass up and headed down to Laguna. I was in the water by 10:20 or so, and dropped down. Water clarity was decent, but cloudy at times, visibility was about 10-15 ft. The water was very warm, about 70 or so degrees. I dropped down to no more than 25 feet. Upon the entrance, I saw a thornback ray just swimming along. My picture of it wasn't that great. Later I saw a fairly large bat ray and snapped a few pictures of it, then put the camera away and went along my merry way to harvest a few sizable scallops. The dive lasted about an hour and I ended up with 7 sizable scallops.

The scallops have been shelled and shucked and the digestive and other organs removed leaving the adductor muscle.

Some butter, chopped garlic, and a little bit of cilantro is sauteed. The mixture is finished off with more fresh cilantro and some bread crumbs. Once cooled, the mixture is placed over the scallops and they're ready for the grill.

Over a hot grill, the scallops are placed into the grill. The grill cover is dropped and the scallops are left to cook for about 3-5 minutes.

Done and on to eating. Apparently they were poisonious as Terry fell over during dinner and just laid there motionless clutching Duke.




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September 12, 2009: Treasure Island for Scallops.




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