SCUBA August 1-2, 2009

August 1, 2009: The previous weekend had the beaches closed off to diving because of the high waves and surge activity. But diving opened up early this week, and the conditions just looked like they were getting really nice. I tried to go yesterday, but when I got down to the beach, I realized that I had forgotten my mask; so no diving for me. I went early this morning and the highlight was seeing a Leopard shark swim by about 15 feel from where I was. I managed to snap a quick shot, but my attempts to keep up with the shark must have scared it off as a quick whip of its tail and it was gone. I also saw a huge bat ray, but was unable to snap a picture of it. I did get some really clear shots of lobsters lounging around, and a relatively large nudibranch.

Here are some pictures I snapped yesterday because I forgot my mask. It was high tide and you can see how high the water is in comparison to previous visits. I just took random pictures of the place.

Some of the tide pool wild life, crabs.

And some random kit that's lying prone in about a foot of water attempting to swim in it. Very odd.

Here are the rest of the pictures from today's dive.


A video example of how clear the water was today:

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August 2, 2009: Conditions were great in the morning, but in the evening, they progressivly got worse, so visibility was about 10 to 15 feet at best. I didn't get many great shots, but I did manage to take a nice picture of an octopus.




Update Information:

August 1, 2009: Treasure Island.

Augist 2, 2009: Shaw's Cove




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