SCUBA May 20, 2009

May 20, 2009: The local scuba conditions called in with 0-1ft waves, light surge, and 20-25ft visibility - there was no way I was going to miss such great conditions; so afterwork, I went home, grabbed my gear, then headed down to Shaw's Cove. I got into the water around 7:35 PM and swam out to a drop point. There were several other divers there. I dropped down and started adjusting the camera for the lower lighting. Night diving offers up a whole world of different sea creatures. I saw shrimp, octopi, lobsters, and various other nocternal creatures. Pictures #75 shows a small gray colored octopus, in the picture, you can see the legs and part of the main body.




Update Information:

May 20, 2009: Shaw's Cove midweek diving.




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