Giant Prawns

June 1, 2009: Giant Prawns. Visiting the local costco the previous day, I stumbled upon these giant farm raised tiger shrimp. I mean, these things were the size of my bloody hand. Time to experiment with different styles of cooking shrimp. Tonight, I took three out of the packet of ten, and prepared them for dinner.

Starting off, the shrimp were washed then dried and butterflied (Cut down the middle but not all the way through) Some pepper, old bay seasoning, and salt are sprinkled and the shrimp with shells still on are tossed.

The grill is heated up and a small amount of olive oil is wiped onto the hot surface. When the grill starts to smoke, the prawns are placed. These things were gigantic, and I was busy making the sauce so I didn't pay attention to the cooking time. I just looked to see the flesh go opaque and then flipped them. Once the other side went opaque, they were stood up and cooked for a short period of time on the butterflied end.

The sauce is made from a quick reduction of moscato (a sweet dessert white wine) and a misture of melted butter with garlic salt, pepper, sweet basil, and old bay seasoning. Once the moscato reduced by half, the butter mixture was poured in and then whisked to mix. The mixture is then removed from heat and stored in a small bowl to be mixed with the done shrimp.

Once the shrimp is done and allowed to rest for a minute or two, they are mixed in with the butter sauce and eaten.




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June 1, 2009: Giant prawns in a moscato herb butter sauce.




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