Otakon 2006

August 7, 2006: Otakon after con report and pictures, the good, the typical, and the trainwrecks....

Random initial pictures:

This was my second Otakon attendance. I was able to better judge the differences between Anime Expo over here on the west coast, and Otakon on the east. I have come to the conclusion that the focus for each con is completely different and to compare them as a whole would be impossible without adding an insane amount of personal opinion about each. Their perspective focus results in the drastic differences in component parts of the con such as: Guests, Game Room, and Art Show/Artist Alley. AX focus is on the industry, industy guests like directors of major anime series/movies, japanese and english VAs, character designers, manga artists, etc. Where as the focus for Otakon seems to be the fans. Which resulted in the following:

AX's Game room was the size of a regular workshop/panel room (120 person occupancy)

Otakon's Game room was the size of an exhibit hall:

AX's Artist alley and art show was paltry in comparison to Otakon's:

Otakon's Masquarade was held in an arena about 2 short blocks from the convention center:

Each con has their good and bad points. Coming to the realization that these are two very different conventions that cater to two very different audiences. I cannot say one is better than the other; only different. I will continue to attend both cons so long as I have the means to do so. Simply because I enjoy both cons.

Now on to the fun stuff....

Model Competition:


Best Mecha went to this kit:

Best Scratch build:

Best Diorama:

And I got Best of Character/Figure for Sonsaku and Best of Show for this Saber. On a side note, talking with the judge while he was judging, he told me that the Phantom deserved to get the Best Mecha award, but since he does not believe in sweeps, he gave it to another kit. The figure kit was an empty win since there were no other figure kits, other than the ones I brought. The scratch build and Dio were also given since there were no other dio's or scratch builds. This competition is just about as pathetic as AX's in terms of participation. I don't know how much of an effect the concurrent IPMS Nationals had on this, but judging from other forum members who went, that would not have been a factor.

I spent a great deal of time just sitting inside the art show talking to random folks who came up to look at the model contest. The one lesson I learned is that chicks dig the figures. Duh.... well I knew the majority didn't give a rats ass about mecha... but damn the amount of oogling I got from women of various sizes and hotness... note to self, build more figures.... While sitting there, I got to meet Mr Seed builder. He hand paints everything. He has strong opinions about being a hand painter.... good for him. I just have a different opinion about hand painting. Good guy tho. I also got to hang out with Chris (Soupy) who brought the Armored Core kit. Which is a vast improvement from his red Kampfer from last year. I'm looking forward to what he brings next year. Then there were the numerous trainwrecks, hotties (one girl asked why I wanted to take a picture of her.... um.. because you're absolutely hot, even in glasses...), and folks that I took pictures of while hanging out at the art show....

This year was my first time attempting to sell some of my kits. I brought along several older kits that I built, and one of my newer figure kits. Nu Gundam, Gold and Purple Gelgoog, CoM Gogg, Yellow MK II, Wushu Astray, Gundam Ver Ka, and 1/8 Rio. To my amazement, they all sold. Guess I can look forward to bringing a few other kits to Otakon to sell...

Now on to the cosplay pictures.

The Good:

The Hotties:

The decent run of the mill cosplayers; group pictures are gathered here:

Last and definately least... The Trainwrecks - costumes that annoyed me, showed way too much fat, franken alchemist, honda boobs, and of course myself; for taking a picture with pyscho touchy feely 17 year old butterface who would not leave....

Well, not completely least, but these pictures were taken on the last night I was in town, and these are my friend Brian's friends. Whom I have heard numerous stories about but have never met. Of course, they've seen my website so they pretty much know my idiotic life inside and out. Hopefully I didn't annoy them too much. We'll see if I'm invited to dinner again next year when Otakon rolls around... or if they come along with Brian out to Tahoe for my yearly ski trip...




Update Information:

Looking forward to next year's Otakon.




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