Otakon 2005

August 22, 2005. This was my first year attending Otakon. I went mostly to meet some of the Child Of Mecha modelers and hang out/drink with my friend Brian. Most of the pictures are of good, bad, and just plain ugly cosplayers. Also of note, I entered a couple of my models into the modeling competition. The artshow and modeling competition far exceeds that of Anime Expo. The artshow area alone was 4 times larger than that of Anime Expo. The artist alley section was also about 4 time larger than that of Anime Expo. And it's interesting that Otakon caps the attendence to 25k, where Anime Expo had about 35-40k this past year. Quality over quantity?

As for the modeling contest, I came away with some new friends, and meeting some folks I have been communicating with at CoM. I had alot of fun at the con and it is very tempting to return next year.

Jewish Wolfwood:

These young ladies played music from EVA at the Masquerade witha cello and violin; impressive.


The fatties and uglies:

I told this one not to pose, because those lovely stretch marks are so worth showing off when you dress that way:

Apparently this is what Sephiroth looks like after eating Cloud, and possibly his friends.

Decent cosplaying:

A little note on the following. One of them apparently gained a few pounds from the last time they wore the outfit and effectivly popped out a little rasin while posing.


Random findings, crowds, etc:

Modeling tools:

These made me laugh (read: real tools)

Brian's white, so this is obvisouly NOT a gang sign... Braces are such a turn on aren't they?

What does Star Wars and Light Sabres have do to with Anime? Probably as much as a cosplaying Willy Wonka. I only hoped that in the time I spent eating dinner, one of these virgins managed to lop off another's legs or something similarly tragic. Yes, I'm jealous that I don't own one of those nifty little sound producing sabers licensed by good ole Georgie.

Even more sad that the above scene.... The only model I got to photograph the entire con.... Some guy was snapping it, guess the con was a bit on the boring side for him. Well, at the very least, Ricky and I highly encouraged him to enter the modeling contest with it just snapped. Oh yeah, I remember the guy mentioning something about seperating the parts from the trees using his teeth. Guess I should go update my tutorials to include that helpful little tip.

As for who won the model contest:

Best of Show - Tim's Blue Destiny

Best Mecha - Ricky's GP-02

Best Diorama - My Kampfer

No figures were entered and no scratch builds.



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