OrangeCon 2009

October 17, 2009: Pictures from Orangecon. This year a group of us form the model build gathering showed up and completely took control of the sci/fi mecha/gundam category. I haven't see this many gundam kits in this category before and this just makes it known that we are definitely a force in the model building community. I hope to futher grow this community with each build gathering and hopefully get a decent level of respect from the other modelers...

This is the first time they have had to split the "gundams" into two distinct categories, flying and non flying.(well, in their defense, a good number of the judges don't build gunpla, so they did the best they could) Regardless, there were enough entries to cause a split. A good number of the build gathering folks went home with trophies. Brandon suggest that we formalize the build gathering name to an actual model building group. I guess we can just discuss this on the forums.



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October 17, 2008: Pictures from OrangeCon 2009.




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