OrangeCon 2008

October 26, 2008: Pictures taken from OrangeCon 2008. A friend's brother that attended the event too these pictures. I was on a cruise so I missed the event, however my friend did manage to enter my kits via proxy. I got a second place in the mecha category with one of the 1/144 Nu Gundam's that I built earlier this year and an honerable mention for the 1/4 Yoko. I'm going to push the folks at the build gatherings to build more and finish projects as next year, I plan on attending Orange Con as a judge in the Mecha category. At least I feel that I can open the eyes of some of the judges as to what to look for and what to appreciate on Gunpla kits entered into the contest.

Quickly looking through some of these pictures, I've seen many that were displayed at the National's in 2007. There are a good number of kits that I also saw at other shows.



Update Information:

October 26, 2008: Pictures from OrangeCon 2008. These pictures were taken by a friend's bother that attended the event. I have no idea who won what, with the exception of the Mecha category; as I wasn't at the event.




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