New Diving Camera

September 9, 2008: Yesterday, I picked up a new camera set up. It is a recently discontinued Sea&Sea DX-860G camera and housing kit. I picked this up from a guy I know that works the local SCUBA shop I visit. He barely used the camera and recently picked up a new setup, so he offered his setup to me. Included is the camera, housing, strobe, arm, case, and wide angle lens. I did some test pictures yesterday night figuring out how the strobe works and such. I did some more test pictures today. I'm going to have to get used to using the flash again, and adjust it as I get accustomed to the thing. I got the thing in preparation for my trip to Jamaica for my friend Brian's Wedding. I'm going to try to dive at least once a day; starting from the time I land.

My old camera was just a case for my older canon s500, which broke a while back, so I've been needing to get a new camera anyways. And my current Canon S2 doesn't have an underwater case made for it. I like having a smaller pocket sized camera for travel purposes. Below is the camera set up.

And here are a few pictures I snapped while playing around with the strobe, the various settings and positioning of the strobe. At least now I can take semi decent pictures of the little monsters....



Update Information:

September 9, 2008: Testing out my new camera setup.




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