Trip to Montery & SF with Yuki

December 25, 2010: Early this morning, Yuki and I left LA driving up the 5, then to the 46 to Cambria, then up the 1 through Big Sur and Carmel and ending up in Monterey for the first day. I've been taking pictures along the way and still messing with some of my camera's fun little features and just getting used to the damn thing. So there are a few pictures that I have that are doubles. No post process editing, all the effects are from the camera. Damn cool camera.

Day 1


Day 2

December 26, 2010: Waking up, the skies were clear so we made some modifications to our plan for the day. We hit up the aquarium as soon as it opened and spent about 3 hours there. After the aquarium, we walked around cannery row and snapped a few pictures before heading back down to Carmel, Point Lobos to be exact. We walked one of the trails and snapped pictures. Along this trail, we got to see some humpback whales along with the amazing sights at Point Lobos. We left there around 2:30 and headed back up to Carmel and had a late lunch. We wandered the town and caught the sun set, then packed it up and headed into SF. We wandered around the old Chinatown, had some hyper MSG laced noodle soup, then headed to the Richmond Chinatown for some egg puffs. Then from there, headed up to Twin Peaks and snapped a few more pictures. Pretty intense day of walking, traveling, and photography. Sleeping in tomorrow, but there will be more pictures.


Day 3: Alcatraz


Day 3: Pictures around San Francisco




Update Information:

December 25, 2010: Pictures from this day 1 from LA to Monterey.

December 26, 2010: Pictures from day 2, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Point Lobos, Carmel, and San Francisco .

December 27, 2010: Alcatraz

December 27, 2010: Pictures from day 3, all over San Francisco..




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