San Diego IPMS Show 2007

June 23, 2007: Went down to San Diego today to participate in IPMS San Diego's yearly competition. I was invited down by a fellow gundam modeler. Unfortunately, he was unable to bring a kit to compete with. The other guy that comes up to Orangecon every year got to the event late and was unable to enter his three gunpla kits. There was another fellow that hails from LA who primarily does armor kits but recently started on building gunpla. He brought a Dom and Kampfer that he added some rivets and accent beads. Cool stuff.

Looks like I have a couple of people who will be coming up for the nations and bringing gunpla kits, so this looks promising for a nice little gunpla show of force at the nationals. Time for the gunpla army show some strength. Time to get more folks to bring gundam to the nations.

Lastly, I was able to win second place in the Misc. category for my dark elf and first in the scifi(figures) - they split the sci fi into figures and vehicles, so the gunpla kits were labeled "figures". It would have been great of James and Robert were able to enter their gunpla kit, then it'd really merit a "Gundam" category under the Sci-Fi umbrella.



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Another fun convention to go to that's a local event. Will be going again next year.




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