How to make dumplings

January 24, 2010: How to make dumplings and pictures from dumpling night.

Everything stars off with the meat. Pork shoulder and pork leg is used. The slabs of pork are cut into cubes, then wth big cleavers, they are chopped and ground.

Once ground, some corn starch is thrown on as well as two egs as a binding agent. The the spices such as seaseme oil, soy sauce, vingar, wine, worcestershire sauce, and various other spices are thrown into the mix and hand mixed.

Green onions and garlic minced in the same manner as the pork is added.

Napa cabbage is chopped, then like the pork, finely minced as fine as possible. The dogs get a little cabbage treat.

Two leeks are cut and chopped and then added.

With the filling base complete, we grab some store bought wrappers - we were not insane enough to make our own dough, maybe next time, when we actually have more time to devote to the process. The folks are gathered and wrapping proceeds. Everyone has their own style for wrapping the dumplings.

And here is the dumpling nazi at work.

Pictures of everyons's dumplings as they are being made.

We ran out of wrappers and ended up with 110 dumplings and still about half of the filling left. Time to make and eat.

They are pan fried as pot stickers and boiled.

MMMMmmmMMMmmmmMMM dumplings...



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January 24, 2010: An evening of making dumplings and enjoying them.




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