Weekends in April 2009

April 21, 2009: Pictures taken over the span of the past couple of weekends in April 2009. Scuba diving on the 4th, Clippers' game with Angel, Nicky, and Terry, and a weekend of diving with Brian and hanging out with Kamun and Charlie.

Diving on the 4th. I dived at Treasure Island. I remebered to bring the strobe, but forgot batteries. So the pictures are not the greatest that can be.


April 11, 2009: Went to my first Clippers' game with Angel, Nicky, and Terry. Dinner consisted of nachos and a hotdog. Was a fun time, the seats that Terry got free from a co--worker were very nice seats. Too bad it wasn't a Laker's game.


April 16-20, 2009: Hanging out with the East Coast crew, Brian, Ka, and Charlie. Brian and I spent the first two days diving. Did two dives on Friday, the first dive I forgot my strobe and was too lazy to walk back to the car to grab it. We dove at Shaw's Cove. Second dive was at Treasure Island, and this time, I remembered to bring along my strobe. We also hit up the Ren Faire.


At Shaw's Cove, Brian and I stumbled upon a huge Sheep crab. So naturally, we pulled out our dive knives and challenged it to some sword fighting

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At Treasure Island, the abandoned lobster trap has a fairly large lobster inside. So touching it slightly got it moving.

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April 21, 2009: Pictures taken on the weekends of April 2009: Scuba on the 4th, Clippers game on the 11th, and hanging with the East Coast crew from 16th-20th.




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