Stockings for Asagi (井河アサギ)

Last night saw very little paint work as I sprayed areola detail and the final flat clear coat over the main body’s skin areas to seal in the decal as well as flatten the skin tone to match that of the other skin parts. These parts will need a few days to cure before I move on towards masking and painting the rest of the kit. So tonight was the perfect night to do the nylon stockings…

asagi_prog 117_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 135_jpg.jpg


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Shading for Asagi (井河アサギ)

Last night’s work on Asagi consisted of the second layers of paint. The main body and skin pieces were treated to the lighter shade of skin tone. Coming from my mecha building techniques, I use a pre-shading method with a darker base color followed by a lighter color to create shading effects. In the below pictures, the first picture is shows the lighter skin tones on highlight areas. Once I have all the areas highlighted, I pull the airbrush back from the parts, raise the air pressure, and mist on the lighter color to blend everything and soften some of the more contrasting areas.

asagi_prog 080_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 083_jpg.jpg


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Base Paint for Asagi (井河アサギ)

Asagi is progressing fairly smoothly. For the skin areas, Mr White base was sprayed, followed by the base skin tone. The eyes were masked off after the white base was sprayed. Progress is moving along nicely; and pending any snags, this kit should be completely relatively quickly.

asagi_prog 063_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 068_jpg.jpg


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Work resumes on Taimanin Asagi (井河アサギ)

Since Kanu is now done, I’m still on a figure kick so I figured the Asagi kit would be a quick and dirty build. I got through the initial sanding session, initial primer coat, fine tune sanding and surface fixes, then final primer. Below is a picture taken after the first coat of primer was sprayed.

asagi_prog 044_jpg.jpg


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