May 252015

I kinda picked apart my Keroro G-3 for the frame and some of the exterior armor pieces. I also grabbed some spare parts pieces from an older PGM 1/100 conversion kit that I had bashed and have since turned to scrap. We were broadcasting our second TGG & Friends Live, and just wanted to work on something. And then sometimes, you just do things to make your friends laugh. This is one of those times. Its time to retire Keroro G3, so with a somewhat heavy heart, I scrapped him and started to work on this, trying to preserve as much as the G3 (I don’t know why, because some of the parts were actually used..) I got the kit ready for paint after the broadcast and there it sat for two weeks until our third TGG & Friends Live broadcast. I cranked up the spray booth and spent the time painting the kit during the broadcast.

I spent the day spraying touch-ups, spraying clears, and applying some old decals that were starting to rub off. It’s a throwaway piece, but I still wanted some decals on it. This past Saturday was the monthly build gathering, so all I really had left was a clear gloss to protect the decals, a panel line wash, clean up, and a final clear flat. Things I could easily do while drunk off my ass, as it didn’t involved sharp pointy things.

This morning, a few of us from TGG went to the Robo Toy Fest to judge their newly added Gundam Model contest. And I brought the little guy out as our mini display of our works. We had a pretty good turnout at the event with 15 entrants. A good number of folks that attend SCGMC where there, so that was very cool to see. And we sold some 2015 and 2014 SCGMC T-shirts. But I digress. Tonight, I added some pastels to the exit wounds as burn marks and took some pictures of the quick and fun little project. And hopefully folks get a nice little laugh from this. Who knows, maybe we can use this as some inspiration to create a 1/100 Gunpla Bust Chess set.

Apr 112015

This past week, I got the final bits of painting done. Gloss clear coated it to prepare the surface for decals. Applied some decals from various decal sheets such as the 1/144 Londo Bell set (warning labels), the 1/72 Ivanov from Macross Zero, and some random grim reaper decal from Samuel Decals – sticking with the whole “Grim” theme. Once the decals were set, another clear coat was sprayed over the decals to protect them, and a black enamel paint wash was applied. The gun saw a silver enamel paint wash; the first time I tried using a metallic/lighter color to panel line a dark painted mecha kit part. It looks ok I guess. But overall, I’m pretty happy with the kit. It would have been done sooner, but other project got in the way and I lost interest here and there.

Below is a picture of the stock Grim and my Grim in the middle of being modded.


The list of mods:

  • Added white LED inside the head
  • Removed backpack antenna and added head antenna
  • Added underside detail to the side skirts
  • Modded side skirts to add weapon sheath for throwing knives
  • 3D printed throwing knives
  • Added fuel tanks to the backpack
  • Added a backpack mounted rocket launcher
  • Added backpack mounted gatling gun scratch built with styrene and bashed with the Gundam OYW core fighter, also added grenade launcher element
  • Added details to the backpack main thrusters
  • Added spikes to the forearms
  • Added a sheath for the Grim’s knife to the left forearm
  • Added epoxy putty to create an organic upper sleeve
  • Added epoxy putty to right shoulder to bulk up the shoulder
  • Added thruster verniers through out the kit, upper shoulder, codpiece, and lower legs
  • Cut out belly and replaced with underside mine piece from the MG Kampfer kit
  • Modified the rifle to add barrel and silencer as well as bulked up the magazine with styrene cylinders and more kampfer mine parts
  • Upper thigh areas were extended with styrene plastic by about 4 mm to give the kit a more balanced look since I felt it looked a little squat
  • Recasted the clear pink lens piece to create a clear piece that I tinted with alclad candy electric blue enamel

The purple parts were base coated with left over paint from the Z’Gok build, white was used as a shading tone, then alclad hot metal violet was sprayed to give the purple tone. The right shoulder used clear yellow instead of the hot metal violet.

Click here for the full gallery of completed pictures

Apr 052015

I got the parts cleaned up and washed. Then onto some skewers and the priming starts. Once the primer is dry, the parts are checked for mistakes and parts that need attention are sanded, puttied, resanded, then reprimed. Once everything looks good, the first layers of paint will go onto the parts.

Also in this post, because the Grim’s clear “eye” piece is done in a clear pink, that clashes with the color scheme I have planned, so I decided to make a silicone mold of the original part, and make a clear resin copy of the part that I can then tint with a clear paint that matches the overall color scheme.

Here’s a video of the entire process just briefly touched on by the above slide show.

More details on the paint progress after the jump

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Jan 192015

I first saw this kit at the December’s model build gathering, and my attempts to win it at our white elephant exchange failed miserably as it was stolen from my wanting hands. A few folks at the gathering had the kit and were building it as well which gave me the opportunity to look at the kit. Later that month, I dropped by a local shop and spent the $16 and grabbed the kit. A cool feature for the plastic is that it’s already molded in a matte finish. The texture of the plastic is different from the usual Bandai gunpla kits that I’ve worked on in the past. Granted this feature is completely wasted for my purposes; but it is a pretty cool feature.

The kit snapped together in roughly 20 minutes. Probably less. From watching friends build the thing, I had already formed some ideas on what I want to do to “personalize” it. I recorded some videos of the initial build progression, but haven’t found time to do the editing. Most of these pictures were taken after the mods were in place.



Details on the mods after the jump!

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Jan 132015

This is an experiment that didn’t go too badly. I learned a great deal from this experience, granted the end result isn’t all that great, it’s not that bad. It is however, a 1 lb resin paper weight now. The next time I try something similar, it will definitely be in a much smaller size and the planning should be vastly improved. But I do like the final result. This is something I’ve not see too much, so I wanted to try it. I had finished this right before Orangecon 2014 and like everything else, just haven’t had the time to snap some final pictures.

Full gallery after the jump.

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Aug 112014

Over the weekend, I started a new project and so I took the opportunity to make a quick 20 minute video covering the most basic build techniques. Cutting the parts from the trees, sanding nubs, and fixing seam lines with styrene glue.

Hopefully folks will find this useful. I’ve done sanding and seam line videos before, but it’s about time I make some updates to some of those dated tutorials with new videos. More videos will be on the way! And I’m taking suggestions for videos of other techniques such as weathering, diorama building, putties, etc. Chime in if you have a video tutorial request and if I know how to do it, I’ll try to make a video for it.

Apr 162014

Letting the panel line dry for several hours, the excess is removed with a paper towel dampened with some lighter fluid or a q-tip dipped in some lighter fluid. And finished pictures: I experimented a little with the lighting to get that red Kampfer rising out of the night look.